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What's the opposite of the Grinch? Exactly, FUNKY TREE.

It's time for xmas tree & co again. Time to get the Christmas decorations out of the basement, set up the tree, and polish the pendants.  Time to give your spaces a sparkling, cosy Christmas touch and dress up you tree. Let's bring a little more sparkle, color, shine, and cosiness in your house this holiday.

About me

I worked in the creative department for various fashion brands. Here I was able to work with different forms, colors and materials to create an inspirational shopping environment.

Since many years I decorate for offices and private people a sparkling xmas atmosphere in their office spaces and houses. I setup the xmas tree and create well decorated Christmas dinner tables. My inspiration I get from nature, magazines, movies and books. I love xmas and I will share this passion with you.


I look forward to decorate your xmas tree or set up your Christmas table. 

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